The Core 6

1 on 1 coaching to transform your life

Are you frustrated with your life? Is it not turning out the way had hoped? Perhaps you just figured out you are a slave to the system and it is unlikely you will ever reach your potential. When you go to sleep, do you feel the crushing weight that is the gap between what you are and what you know you can be? Have you have tried to change but you keep finding yourself right back where you started? Mastery of SeventeenTwenty's Core 6 will end this cycle. It will put you on the path to health, financial freedom, and happiness. 

Don't let fear stop you from becoming who God meant you to be. 

Your Why

You feel the crushing weight of time, inadequacy, and fear because your past is bigger and more tangible than your future.  It could be that you are living someone else's dream or that marketers have done their work and sold you a dream you don't really want. If you don't wake every day thankful that you get another shot at your dream - then you have a problem. In this the first of the Core 6, you will find your why. You will have a vision for your life that will make you rip the snooze button from your alarm. You begin to embrace your challenges and remove roadblocks that have held you back for years. 


Now you know what you are fighting for, this is where the hard work starts. Everyone benefits from telling you a story of problems and difficulties. No one benefits from telling you the truth. You don't need their products, you don't need their approval. In fact, you were born a child of God with all the tools necessary to achieve your why. In this step of the Core 6, we break your addiction to the stories that have nothing to do with you or your purpose. They were put here by the great deceiver to throw you off course. In this step, we disarm his most powerful tool and set you up for success. 


It is time to divorce your story and marry the truth. The story you tell yourself is one of limitation. It keeps you from change and as result you are not teachable. Seeking knowledge is not enough you have to change as a result of new information. Your story prevents you from change. It defines you as X or Y. It separates you from who you must become to achieve your vision. Your life is perfectly designed to produce the outcome you have now. To change you must embrace the truth and be teachable.

Faith vs. Action

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." This is a direct quote from Jesus Christ found in Mathew SeventeenTwenty. The disciples were frustrated because their actions were not producing the desired outcome (sound familiar?). The world would have you believe that hustle and hard work are the requirements for success. But how hard is it to say "move" to a mountain? Developing your faith BEFORE you take an action - is they key to success. Faith starts with understanding God made you to be enough for achieving whatever dream he has given you. Faith ends in take actions that "if God is not who he says he is, you will utterly fail". Getting you to a point in your faith where you are fearless is the result of this module.

Winning Mindset

How would you like to go to sleep every night knowing you crushed the day - instead of laying awake at night with worry. The good news: you are a problem solver and that is great. The bad news: you are also a problem focuser and that is bad. Focusing on problems creates a scarcity mindset. God lives firmly in abundance. If you live in scarcity you are living apart from God. A winning mindset lives in abundance and aligns with the limitless nature of the God of the universe. With a winning mindset there is nothing you cannot accomplish. 


We learn by doing. While the previous Core 5 will challenge you they will also fool you. Their simplicity will lull you into a false senes of master. You will slowly revert back to your old patterns and this will become another program that did not work. Execution is where the transformation happens. It is where you refine your why, reject stories that are not true, remain teachable, focus on your faith (even though the lie of action is so tempting), and keep your winning mindset. This is where real lasting change happen. It is where you go from who you are to who God designed you to be.

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