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Why you don't want it to be easy

Ironically - you actually don’t want things to be easy.

If it is easy, you will always wonder if you were lucky. You would never know, if things blew up, could you do it again. As a result, the moment you achieve something, you will start living out of scarcity. You will try to protect what you have. You will start playing defense.

A man is walking along and finds a diamond on the ground. He cannot believe his fortune. He is a man of modest means and this is the most valuable thing he has ever owned. Looking around he snatches it up. He knows he must protect the diamond. Perhaps he should save it for a rainy day. He tells no one of his good fortune. After all, he does not have a safe, has no bank and someone may want to steal it.

The diamond God placed on the street to brighten the mans day, has made him paranoid and afraid to loose the precious stone.

There was another man. He worked his entire life. He would never suggest he has been lucky. In fact, life has always handed him harder and harder work. He spent a chunk of his youth working in mines. Until the day, he was able to buy a small plot of land and begin his own mine. For years, it was just him and his mine. Now he runs a relatively productive little diamond mine.

Unlike the man who found a diamond, this man knows he can get diamonds anytime he needs them. As a result, he lives the life of a rich man. He is able to convert his diamonds into charity, into cars, into homes, in to other investments. He lives out of abundance.

Likewise, when you have been tested - you know you can always return to the diamond mine that is your character and strength. If you have overcome once, you can with confidence overcome again! Luck and the easy path do little to produce these characteristics.

If life is hard. If you are getting pushback. If the world seems to be pushing you back into your place, into your old habits, into your old identities, remember: Salvation was on the other-side of the cross. There is no lasting gain without temporary pain. Resistance is to be celebrated because on the other side, is the person God created you to be!

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