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God's Startup

People are the means by which God distributes his blessings. He uses one person to bless the next. Like any investor God is looking to bless in those who are most likely to multiply his investment. Therefore, the most efficient path to a rich and blessed life is in developing a passion for blessing others.

This is a spiritual law. We see it expressed all over the world - in both the believer and non-believer. Companies and products that solve a real problem for their customer are the ones who dominate the market. These companies stay there through a relentless external focus on their customer. Startups know that they can defeat even the largest competitor through strong customer centric solutions.

It is helpful to understand that we are a startups and we have been given a bit of seed capital from God (health, time, money). Our goal is to find God's customers (other needy people) and provide a service to them that returns more than is spent (spiritual profit). And, the best way to start a business is to just start providing value with a focus on long-term on efficiency and impact.

While paying off a single-mother's house might be have significant impact, given the size of our initial seed investment, it is not the most sustainable use of capital. Perhaps instead we could define a proof of concept - like buying coffee for the person behind us. Next we have to determine if the POC provide any return value. Did it make us feel better? Do we feel more energized? What other indications of value did the POC provide?

After a successful POC, we must productize (make it something that can be delivered regularly) the solution. Perhaps the POC that returned the greatest value was smiling at others. But, we discovered some days it is hard to deliver a smile. After playing with various approaches, we determine that consistent delivery of our product requires time for regular morning prayer and reflection. We immediately implement this as a best practice and sure enough, smile delivery becomes more consistent and spiritual profits are up.

After a bit of market research we discover a significant opportunity in a customer segment suffering from unemployment. In fact, there are a number of skilled customers who would be significantly helped by the dignity of work. We set about creating an opportunity that produces a number of paying jobs. As our target customer segment fills these jobs, we see families restored and kids going to college. We reflect on how we might create even more jobs.

The Lord of the universe and the ultimate investor, is looking to invest in startups that focus on the betterment of humanity. He has already entrusted you with a seed investment. What are you going to do with it? Perhaps, start by finding a product that meets the needs of God's target audience (people). Next, it is time to prove the concept. Finally focus on scaling the product delivery. If you can manage your initial investment and produce a solid ROI, you can bet on a excellent evaluation and a killer series A. If you stay focused on your customer, you might even find happiness and financial stability.

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