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God is "Magic"

Much of modern thought - therefore what we considered "well reasoned" and "sound" is based on the world we see and the scientific process. Trying to merge the scientific-world with the faith-based-world of the bible, is not only a mistake but very dangerous (for one concept will come to rule the other) and science places God in a very very small box.

If God is who he says he is... creator of everything and time and space are linked, then the rules of causality and time are malleable. God exists outside our physical universe and his existance forms a new base-reality. Ironically, the "science" they claim disproves God's existence is based on cause and effect (inherently time-bound concepts). Therefore God's base-reality is most likely incongruent with our current scientific understanding of the universe. So much so, that we have a word for the NORMAL way God operates; we call it a "miracle". I am not saying that science is not correct, I am just saying that it is a subset of the superset base-reality of God.

We attempt to understand (and thus limit) God through this filter of our "time-bound reality". This is a mistake! We must dump the lens of our reality and be ready to embrace the "impossible" and "miraculous" - because that is the language of our God. This is the language of faith.

A God who lives outside of time makes a lot of interesting things possible - "magic" things. For example a person could pray for money to cover their rent and receive a check in the mail the next day. Paradoxically, the check was mailed 6 days before the prayer but is still a direct result of the prayer. A non-time-bound God could hear your prayer and go back to the beginning of the universe and make a slight tweak that results in the check being sent 6 days prior to the prayer.

If humans can do this...

Then God can make a minor tweak to the universe to answer your prayers.

In the program we talk about several principals. The 1st principal being "Who do you listen to". Do you listen to people who marginalize miracles, those who favor the scientific process over the power of faith? Everyday, Christians discount the power of their God in favor of sounding "sane", after all grownups don't believe in magic. The irony is, the more scientist understand the more they begin to sound a bit crazy themselves.

Prominent scientists are asking "Are we living in a computer simulation". For more than 2000 years Christians have known the answer to this question. Yes of course we are "God created the heavens and the earth" and we live in his creation. Is it really worth trying to "fit in" with a group of small-minded folks who are just now realizing something we have known for centuries?

The good news is we can communicate directly with the creator of our "simulation". Prayer combined with faith sends a powerful signal to the creator and controller of our universe. For him what we did yesterday, to screw up our lives, has little to no impact on what He can do tomorrow to redeem our actions. We serve a "magic" God.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

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