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How To Stop Making Bad Decisions

Episode 22

Maybe you are at a crossroads in life. Perhaps there is something you have been wanting for a long time and God has not supplied. How long should you wait before you take action? Does God need your help? Did you hear him wrong? What if God does not want for you, what you want for you? These are all questions we ask as we grow impatient with our Lord. But there is a way to over come indecision, learn to trust God, and that is what we will be exploring...

Overcome your daily struggles

Episode 18

If you find yourself dreading your commute, putting off a tough conversation, or constantly worried about the outcome of an important event. This podcast is for you. We spend about 20 minutes discussing the “Law of non resistance”, what the Bible means when it instructs us to turn the other cheek and how these concepts can greatly impact your happiness.

11 Bible Verses that Will Change Your Life

Episode 9

The battle for our identities is not a physical battle, it is a spiritual battle. The word of God (scripture) provides us with a Sword to win this battle. So if you want to know how to wield powerful verses that will help you overcome issues with : Self-worth, Procrastination, Self-image/Body Image Then this is the video for you... 

Drugs, Adoption, and Success

Episode 12

In episode 12, we interview one of the founding members of From a birth family ravaged by drugs, becoming a ward of the state, surviving abuse, to a successful Christian Entrepreneur his story will inspire you. 

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