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Christ | Legacy | King

Do you long to leave a legacy that extends beyond yourself? Do you desire to lead with unwavering faith and purpose, leaving a lasting impact on those around you? SeventeenTwenty empowers men to rise to their full potential as Christian Kings, grounded in the three pillars of:

Pillar 1 - Christ-Centered:

  • Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Align your thoughts, actions, and decisions with God's will.

  • Discover wisdom and guidance from scripture.

  • Build a life of integrity and service fueled by faith.


Pillar 2 - Legacy-minded

  • Craft a vision for your life that transcends the present.

  • Develop your leadership skills to inspire and empower others.

  • Leave a positive impact on your family, community, and the world.

  • Cultivate enduring values and traditions that guide future generations.


Pillar 3 - King

  • Embrace the responsibility and privilege of Christian leadership.

  • Learn to lead with courage, compassion, and unwavering conviction.

  • Develop emotional intelligence and effective communication skills.

  • Foster a spirit of brotherhood and collaboration within your community.


Join a Royal Brotherhood:

  • Connect with a network of men committed to building Godly legacies.

  • Find support, accountability, and shared faith in a dedicated community.

  • Learn from experienced mentors and discover practical tools for growth.

  • Together, rise to your Kingship and transform the world around you.

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