You are in the fight of your life
and it is time to start winning

"I have tried other programs and frankly I'm tired of digging into past issues. While there's a time and place for it, we don't have to base our entire present and future off of them. That's one of the MANY things, about 1720, I'm so thankful for. It's about putting on a new identity, not braising or stewing in our old ones. We have to be willing to acknowledge where we've been, the mistakes and hurts of our past, but we don't have to relive those every day or define ourselves by these." - Steven D 

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Do you want more out of life? Do you want to operate from a place of confidence and power? Are you tired of being tired? Are you addicted to stupid stuff?
If you are ready to do the work, you will: 

Find Your True Passion/Calling

Dominate Your Profession

Control Your Impulses

Transform Your Body

Eliminate Fear

Take Ownership of Your Kingdom 






Days to change your life forever

Core Principals easy to understand 

lifetime of mastery

Virtual coaching moving you from student to master

Take Your Power Back

The only Christ-centric personal performance program that treats people like real people. We provide you 6 core principles and the tools to master them. These are powerful approaches to taking ownership over the kingdom God has entrusted to you and how to grow that kingdom into a force that transforms your family, church, and community.

This program is designed for men and women who have stuff to do. You will be provided hard-hitting video content, that spells out exactly why you are not achieving your potential and how to fix it. You will have homework to be reviewed in your 1:1 coaching sessions where you finally get to unpack your crap and move on. 

If you don't want more out of life, if you don't want to lead - please don't apply.

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